PRCG CEO Jim Haggerty in Newsweek on NFL Conflict with Trump



PRCG CEO James Haggerty and PRCG affiliate Eric Rose were quoted in Newsweek‘s article on the NFL’s recent conflicts with Donald Trump. These conflicts began with players kneeling during the national anthem in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, and has continued with accusations of lack of respect from both sides.

“Whatever you think of the response, it sure was haphazard and reactive.”

–James Haggerty to Newsweek

James and Eric critique the NFL’s response, explaining what a better response could have been from the point of view of seasoned communications professionals.

Read the whole article here.

“They took the bait. The president was wrong, and a lot of people knew he was wrong, but they gave him the ammunition to continue.”

–Eric Rose to Newsweek