PRCG CEO Featured in Student Affairs Today



PRCG CEO James Haggerty was featured in an article on Crisis Communications in Student Affairs Today, published by John Wiley & Co.

The article covers a presentation by Haggerty at the 2023 Stetson University’s National Conference on Higher Education Law and Policy.

Higher education administrators often find themselves unprepared to manage communications effectively, which only exacerbates the problem,” the article states. “To minimize the long-term, potentially permanent damage to your institution, you must have systems, structures, and leadership in place.

Haggerty also warned against leaving crisis communications resoponse solely up to attorneys:

“Their initial inclination is to say nothing. If it’s not happening in the court room, it’s not happening,” he noted. “They love to argue, not deliver messages. They thrive on precedent, what has gone before. They want to convince, so they build a logical argument. But in a crisis, that’s not the way most people receive information,” he explained.

The full article can be found here: