New White Paper on Navigating Reputational Repair



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PRCG is pleased to announce that CEO James F. Haggerty, an attorney,  has co-authored a white paper with noted communications counselor and expert witness Eric Rose entitled “Navigating Reputational Harm: A Deep Dive into Repairing, Measuring, Metrics, and Legal Implications of Reputational Harm in the Internet Age.”

The report delves into the complexities of repairing, measuring, and mitigating reputational, particularly in areas focusing on defamation and other reputational attacks. The insightful analysis of these critical issues is published by Hart + Harvest Press as the inaugural edition in their Media Monograph Series.

“Simply put,” the authors, write, “in today’s world, everyone is a publisher, everyone has an opinion, this opinionated “news” can be transmitted globally with the touch of a button, and we all have actual malice toward each other — or, at least, toward anyone with an opposing or adversarial viewpoint.”

Haggerty and Rose add that “the difference between fact and opinion, which has traditionally been critical to defamation cases, has also blurred. Indeed, this brave new world has changed, and will further change, the framework and cost-benefit analysis surrounding modern defamation law. This will likely result in more defamation suits and greater damages, both in the United States and in other jurisdictions.”

A guide for public relations professionals, organizations, and legal professionals dealing with reputation issues online, Navigating Reputational Harm outlines various tools and techniques for addressing reputational damage, including social media monitoring platforms and sentiment analysis tools.

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