Cristopher Bruce

Senior Account Executive 212.683.8100 212.683.8100


    Cris Bruce is a Senior Account Executive at PRCG | Haggerty LLC and its sports brand, PRCG | Sports.

    Cris has a background in politics, government and fundraising, beginning his career as an assistant to Mayor Kate Gallego of Phoenix, Arizona. He went on to become Finance Associate at Angerholzer Broz Consulting, where he developed and fostered relationships with law firms, corporations, unions, trade associations, and other organizations. Early in his career, he worked on the Philadelphia-area congressional campaign of Scott Wallace, and as a canvasser for PennEnvironment. An avid sports fan, he was also an intern at War Room Sports, where he created social media strategies and content for sports platforms.

    Cris holds a B.S. in Political Science from Arizona State University, with a minor in Communications.