Thom Weidlich to Thomson Reuters on Ransomware



PRCG Managing Director Thom Weidlich speaks to Thomson Reuters on the reputational hazards of a cybersecurity attack

Thom Weidlich, Managing Director of PRCG and the main author of our blog, was quoted at length in this article in Thomson Reuters on the threat ransomware poses to law firms. Weidlich explains why these breaches of cybersecurity are such a major reputational hazard, and lays out what exactly firms should do when faced with a ransomware attack.

Speaking to Thomson Reuters’ strategic communications expert Nicky McHugh, Weidlich explained, “All data breaches threaten reputation because they imply the firm does not have its act together and does not care about clients’ data security. Ransomware adds to that in the sheer embarrassment of being held hostage and having your operations interrupted.”

Weidlich stressed the importance of communicating about the crisis to employees, clients and other stakeholders, especially about the steps being taken to rectify the situation.

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