PRCG Network Rebrands as Reputation Advisors International



New name for association of senior communications professionals reflects the evolving nature of reputational risk management

PRCG | Haggerty LLC is pleased to announce that our international network of senior communications professionals—formerly known as The Crisis Protection Network—is now operating under a new name:

The name change, which was adopted at the Network’s annual meeting in London on October 12, 2023, reflects the broadening scope of the Network as it looks to foster a “360-degree approach” to reputation management and reputational risk mitigation.

PRCG CEO James F. Haggerty serves as President of the organization.

Membership in the Network is composed of leaders at independent strategic communications firms who bring unparalleled depth and diversity of knowledge to their work. Network members have previously served in senior positions at some of the world’s largest public relations agencies, as well as in corporations, major media outlets, law firms, and governmental organizations. Through regular collaboration and consultations, members share knowledge and perspectives to ensure their clients receive thoroughly vetted strategies for brand development, reputation management, and crisis and litigation communications response.

“Effective management of reputational risk is more than just planning and responding in the event of a crisis,” Haggerty said. “It requires the establishment and maintenance of reputation management protocols that ensure the preservation of trust, credibility and brand equity in a complex, global business environment.”

Among the topics discussed at the Network’s annual meeting in London was effective communications training and response to cyber crises (including ransomware attacks), the role of the European Union in setting global standards in such areas as competition, energy and the environment, and current conditions in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region. Network members also discussed reputation management issues in sports, as well as energy, the environment and the role of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) principles in effect brand management.

Haggerty added: “Through Reputation Advisors International, our member firms bring a depth of experience and breadth of resources that we believe is unrivalled by any strategic communications organization of its kind worldwide.”

The Network currently has members in 16 cities across the globe, including Brussels, Chiasso, Chicago, Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Munich, New York, Oslo, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, and Zurich.

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