Jim Haggerty Publishes article in Fortune on Facebook Crisis



PRCG CEO Jim Haggerty authored an article last week for Fortune magazine on the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica crisis dominating the headlines. The article is based on research conducted for his 2017 book, Chief Crisis Officer: Structure and Leadership for Effective Communications Response (ABA Books, 2017).

“In a crisis, it’s not the event itself that counts. It’s the response.”

–James Haggerty in Fortune

Haggerty argues that, in all major crisis, it’s not the event itself, but the effectiveness of the response that determines whether there will be long-term damage to an organization and its interests:

From United Airlines to Equifax to Target to Sony, even going back to the BP oil spill, in each case, the first days or weeks of the crisis were characterized by fumbled responses, statements that corrected prior statements, and falling back on legalisms and obfuscation. Then the company found religion, got its act together, and started repairing the considerable damage that had been done.

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