Isaac Benjamin on Communicating to Media



PRCG Account Director Isaac Benjamin pens an excellent piece in The New York Law Journal on the breakdowns that occur when attorneys attempt to communicate to media.

Although aimed at the legal community, the article is relevant to any expert looking to communicate the complexities of their field to media that need the story succinct and compelling.

Benjamin writes: “Attorneys speaking to the press believe they are acting in their best interest by mitigating the risk of negative coverage when they pivot to garden-variety banalities in lieu of direct, interesting commentary. The truth however, is that this impulse to ‘do no harm’ frequently undercuts the value of media relations, quite often making things worse. Adhering too closely to the Hippocratic Oath may seem risk-free, but if it makes you look weak, vacillating, mealy-mouthed or unsure, it will do more harm than good.”

Good advice for anyone trying to be compelling and human when speaking to media about complex or sensitive issues.

A pdf of Isaac’s article can be found here.