Haggerty on CNN discussing Kyte Baby



PRCG CEO James F. Haggerty discussed the crisis facing Kyte Baby and its CEO in an appearance and online story on CNN.

Kyte Baby, a boutique online retailer selling baby clothes and accessories, got in trouble two ways: first by denying a request for remote work from an employee who had just adopted a premature baby. Then, in the face of a social media storm in reaction to that decision, the company’s CEO caused further damage by issuing a video “apology”  that was filled with corporate speak, equivocation and lawyerly platitudes. The backlash grew, forcing the CEO to appear again in a video apology to… well, apologize for the previous apology.

Haggerty told CNN: “I am forever amazed at the tendency of corporate America to want to strip the humanity out of their communications, whether it be an apology or any other public statement.”

The full interview can be found here.