Professional & Financial Services

Communicating in a Time of Unprecedented Change

In an era of market segmentation, consolidation and a fundamental realignment of the relationship between client and service provider, it has never been more important for financial and professional service firms to effectively communicate their Unique Selling Proposition (USP). And never a more innovative set of communication tools have been available for the task-at-hand.

For two decades, PRCG | Haggerty and its partner firms have worked with some of the most prominent professional and financial service firms in the country on all manner of marketing and public relations assignments.

PRCG | Haggerty was founded on the principle that clients want personalized, hands-on service delivered by experienced advisors who understand your business, your mission and your goals. We do not try to shoehorn a firm into a cookie cutter program better suited to a large corporation.


Among the many services PRCG | Haggerty offers financial and professional service firms are the following:

Strategy, Branding and Positioning

PRCG | Haggerty and its counselors are skilled at assisting financial and professional service firms in all manner of strategic marketing planning, including:

  • What are the proper markets for our services?
  • Where should we be expending our “marketing resource?”
  • Who are the executives we should be promoting for maximum impact?
  • When is the best time to reach our potential audience?
  • How should our marketing tools be used to most effectively reach our goals?
  • Why should we emphasize one professional, group, location or message over another?

Correctly answering these and other key questions forms the foundation of any successful marketing communications program.

Publicity And Writing Services

The hallmark of PRCG | Haggerty’s work includes the provision of publicity and writing services for financial and professional service firms. Working closely with firm management and marketing personnel, we publicize executives, expertise and success in a way that positions the firm as the “go-to” provider in its field. We strive to create media coverage for financial and professional service firms that enhances third-party legitimacy in the eyes of current and potential clients.

PRCG | Haggerty CEO and Editorial Director James F. Haggerty has been twice nominated for a prestigious Neal Award, considered the “the most prestigious editorial award in business-to-business journalism.” He is author of the critically acclaimed book In The Court of Public Opinion (ABA Books, 2009), now in its second edition. Among other reviews, Financial Times called In the Court Of Public Opinion “…the perfect handbook for this age…”

Newsletters and Brochures/Corporate Identity

PRCG | Haggerty has produced brochures and other printed materials for a wide variety of clients. We create materials that are professional, graphically interesting and that present a company’s story in a succinct and highly persuasive manner.

Websites, Blogs and Social Media

PRCG | Haggerty created some of the first service firm websites in the industry, and we continue to work closely with financial and professional service firms to create sites that are interesting, informative and useful to the prospective client. We also have expertise in blogs, social media, e-mail marketing and other forms of electronic communication.

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