PRCG | Sports Introduces SportsRep360



An Integrated Suite of Reputation Management Services for Sports-Related Clients

New York, NY  – PRCG | Sports, the sports marketing brand of PRCG | Haggerty LLC, is pleased to announce the creation of SportsRep360, an integrated suite of reputation management practices, training principles and technology designed specifically for the modern athlete, brand or other sports-related entity.

“In the modern sports economy, value is determined not just by performance, but by reputation,” said PRCG | SportsDirector Jim Rocco. “Rather than handing off your reputation to an assistant or intern, you need a holistic, 360-degree view of your marketing and PR to effectively burnish positives and banish negatives.”

SportsRep360 brings together all the key reputational elements that a sports brand, player, venue, team or other sports property needs to ensure the positives are promoted and negative reputational risk minimized.

These include:

  • Brand counseling and strategies to “hit the sweet spot” in market positioning and strategy.
  • Continuous media and social media monitoring and analysis. PRCG | Sports uses cutting-edge technology for a 360 perspective on reputation, then tailors and curates results to individual needs.
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure organizations maintain positive results in Google and other search engine rankings.
  • A tailored program of social media posts—including on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok and others—creatively designed and carefully managed to bring new followers and enhance overall reputational efficiency. 
  • Media exposure in both sports-related media outlets and in the broader entertainment and business media world.
  • Message and media training to streamline core themes and ensure effective delivery of compelling, straightforward narratives.
  • The creation of Rapid Response protocols to quell negatives before they become crises.
  • 24/7 Reputational Risk managementfrom a worldwide leader in crisis communications, risk mitigation and the management other sensitive PR situations—using an innovative suite of software services, including PRCG’s proprietary CrisisResponsePro

“None of this is particularly new,” Jim Rocco added, “but it needs to be at your fingertips. And in an age where athletes and brands are increasingly being judged by reputation as much as performance, SportsRep360 provides a one-stop destination for priceless intelligence and execution at the speed of modern communication.”

SportRep360 services include reputation and crisis management services based on PRCG | Haggerty CEO Jim Haggerty’s two highly regarded communications books: In The Court Of Public Opinion and Chief Crisis Officer, both published in new editions by ABA Publishing. Financial Times has called In The Court Of Public Opinion “the perfect handbook for this age…” while Chief Crisis Officer has been positively featured in theHarvard Business Review, Fortune, Entrepreneur and other media.

More information can be found at, or contact Jim Rocco at (212) 683-8100, or

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