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Honey, the TV Would Like to Know If We’re Done Fighting…

James Haggerty  |  02.12.2015

I’ve learned two things this week: 1. Even in this information age, many lawyers still don’t understand that they live in a world where more than just legal issues matter. 2. I really need to start watching what I say in front of my television set.

Uber and the Dangers of ‘Macho’ Executive Posturing

James Haggerty  |  11.24.2014

Since many successful businesspeople didn’t get the opportunity to impress their classmates with their on-field prowess in their high school days, they find the field of commerce to be the perfect venue to demonstrate to modern-day peers just how cool they really are.

A-Rod Playbook: Sow Doubt, Undermine Credibility, Live On

James Haggerty  |  01.15.2014

What’s the A-Rod endgame? Surely, he doesn’t believe he can actually get an injunction from the federal courts halting enforcement of his 162-game suspension. So what’s the playbook, Alex?