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Jim Haggerty Comments on NFL protests in Newsweek

posted by James Haggerty  |  October 2, 2017

PRCG CEO James F. Haggerty offered commentary this week on the continuing protests in the NFL during the national anthem. Along with a select group of “crisis management experts,” Haggerty praised the overall NFL response while suggesting better planning could have defused much of the initial anger at stadiums across the U.S. “Whatever you think…


The Crisis Communications “Point Guard”

posted by James Haggerty  |  September 30, 2017

This is an excerpt from PRCG CEO James F. Haggerty’s new book, Chief Crisis Officer: Structure and Leadership for Effective Communications Response (ABA Publishing):  In the context of the Chief Crisis Officer, you’ll often hear people refer to having someone in place to “quarterback” the response effort when a crisis event or other sensitive issue confronts…


Jim Haggerty’s New Book Now Available!

posted by James Haggerty  |  August 23, 2017

James F. Haggerty’s New Book, Chief Crisis Officer, A Groundbreaking Look At The Leadership, Tools And Technology Needed To Successfully Manage The Modern Crisis In an age of social media, smartphones and presidential tweets, organizations in the public eye need the right leader, the right team and the right plan for rapid response to negative…